From Lake to Plate - a day out fishing with Adventure Wanaka

Posted on December 09, 2013

On a stunning spring afternoon, we headed down to the marina to meet Davy, from Adventure Wanaka, for our much anticipated mid-afternoon fishing trip.  There was not a cloud in the sky and not a breath of wind, making for a glorious 25degree day on crystal calm waters. 

The adventures began with Davy cruising the luxury 8 metre launch around the lakes edge, going past Ruby Island with views of Rippon Vineyard and pausing to capture a beautiful glimpse of The Lodge from a lakeside perspective.

We then zipped across and up Stevenson's Arm, where we dropped a couple of fishing lines and began to troll for trout.  The couple joining me on the trip were visiting from Poland and the wife had never fished (or caught a fish) in her life. I had a suspicious feeling she was where all our luck was and was reassured when she caught the first two fish - a beautiful Brown and a good-sized Rainbow Trout!

We took a small 'break' from the fishing and Davy made some afternoon tea for us – including some delicious homemade blueberry muffins - then continued to “fish” our way back towards Wanaka.  As we were approaching a shelf on the bottom of the lake, providing the 'last chance of catching anything' a minute later, my line grabbed and I felt the captivating pull of life at the end of the line. As I pulled it in (ungracefully and screaming crazy words of excitement according to all witnesses!), the fish did me the honour of swimming the last bit in on its own, allowing my arms to have reprieve from the arm pump I was experiencing.

Out of the water, it was a beautiful 3lb Rainbow Trout that I had managed to catch.  Triumphant, we gave Chef James a call at The Lodge to let him know that we were indeed bringing Trout home for him to create part of the evenings five course degustation dinner menu.

After all the excitement, we enjoyed the beautiful afternoon cruise back to the marina on calm waters. Everyone was thrilled as our intention (and hopes) was to catch a fish and be able to enjoy this being prepared by Chef James – and we were not disappointed.  James created an amazing entree of Trout and beetroot salad with citrus and horseradish, which we matched with a local Mt Maude Riesling.  It was incredible!  Even more so, knowing that we had enjoyed such a gorgeous day out on the lake and had caught it ourselves!

Big thanks must go to Davy, from Adventure Wanaka, for such a successful day out on the lake!