Artist in Residence 10-day Menu

Posted on May 22, 2013

 Kenneth Myer Artist and Writers Alpine Retreat food vacuumed sealed and ready to fly to the Chalet

On Easter Friday I dropped off 10 days worth of menu items we had prepared for the helicopter to shuttle up to Chalet, for the Kenneth Myer Artist and Writers Alpine Retreat. Martin Hill and Phillipa Jones were awarded this opportunity to work on their Watershed Project, staying 10 days at the Chalet, giving us the opportunity to provide a 10-day menu showcasing the abundance of amazing ingredients we have to choose from here in Wanaka, in Autumn. While they had access to the Chalet’s kitchen facilities, it was my job to organize the menu, while also fueling their efforts for the extent of their stay and focusing on their own project at hand.

The focus for me, aside from incorporating the Autumn ingredients available right now, was to ensure ease of preparation for Martin and Phillipa, while being nourishing for the unpredictable (and sometimes draining) alpine conditions. I wanted to keep breakfast simple, leaving them with a variety of options to accommodate their own morning tastes, including some combination of our house made muesli, toast, seasonal fruit compote, some amazing local (happy) eggs, and meats.

 Kenneth Myer Artist and Writers Alpine Retreat breakfast supplies

Below is a sampling of lunch items we prepared for them as I wanted to keep the preparation as simple as possible, knowing they would be busy focusing on their work during the day:

Vietnamese Chicken salad with Green Tea noodles
Baked Ham with Kumara and Leek frittata
Poached Eggs, Smoked Aoraki Salmon Baby Spinach on Toasted sourdough
Rustic Italian Ribolitta with Reggiano
Venison and Pork terrine with Housemade Pear chutney and Mixed leaf salad

 Vietnamese Chicken salad with Green Tea noodles

Along the same lines, dinners were kept simple, yet hearty enough given the time of year and the fact they would probably have a pretty good appetite after being outside in the (possibly ominous) Autumn weather. We have some pretty amazing producers in this region so again incorporating as much of their products that I could into the menu, thus providing a sampling for what Martin and Phillipa got to enjoy:

Seared Aoraki Salmon with Chickpea Ragu, French Beans and Salsa Verdi
Free range chicken Coq au Vin with (local) Parsnip purée and Brussel Sprouts
Fillet Steak with Puy Lentils, Chestnut Mushrooms and (Central Otago) Pinot Jus
Lamb tagine with Almond couscous, Baby carrots and Minted yoghurt
Pea and Goat’s Cheese Risotto with Reggiano and Walnut crumbs
Aubergine Parmigiano with Shaved fennel and Orange salad and Balsamic roasted potatoes
Confit of Duck leg with Port and Prunes, Roasted kumara and Brocollini

 Food preperation for the Kenneth Myer Artist and Writers Alpine Retreat

All the menu items we prepared in advance were vacuum sealed, ensuring little prep while keeping them as fresh as possible. Aside from the above, we included a collection of simple desserts as well as some tasty classic cakes, biscuits, and slices.

It is always fun to be a part of the Artist in Residence as it is not everyday we get to contribute to the creativity of such brilliant artists such as Martin Hill and Phillipa Jones - their work inspires us all on many levels!

To find out more about Martin and Phillipa’s experience you can view their blog.