Wanaka Climbing & Mountaineering

Mountaineering in New Zealand is a serious pursuit and taking a guide is recommended. Around these parts experts, who have traversed the international slopes and guided the “greats”, are sought after for a journey up the summits known for their amazing grandeur.

Aspiring Guides offers various guided expeditions in the region, including a magical five-day expedition on Mount Aspiring, often referred to by experts as the Matterhorn of the South. This guided trip begins in Wanaka, with a helicopter transfer to Colin Todd Hut, with participants descending the mountain on foot. A steady climb that takes from 12 to 16 hours is balanced with time to relax and soak up the scenery. A further two days’ walking reveals stunning alpine scenery.

And of course, a fabulous and luxurious location to base yourself for other climbing missions would be at the Whare Kea Chalet – located at 1750m on the North side of Dragon Fly Peak.

For further details about climbing options in the Wanaka region and beyond visit aspiringguides.com.