Hunting in Wanaka

For hunters seeking game in the hinterland of Wanaka, tahr is the ultimate target, for New Zealand is the only place in the world where this magnificent beast can be freely hunted.

Native to the Himalayas, tahr, like deer, were introduced to the country by early European settlers and flourished. All are classified as pests in New Zealand, as they destroy native vegetation.

Red deer were introduced in the mid-1800s and chamois in the early 1900s. All can be hunted year round, but the best time to hunt red deer near Wanaka is during the roar, from mid-March to late April, while they have their antlers from mid-February to early August.

Chamois and tahr are best to hunt from late April when they have their winter coats, and can be found in alpine and sub-alpine areas around the Wanaka region.

Hunting in the Lake Wanaka area takes place on both private and public land, depending on the hunting guide, and hunting grounds are accessed by four-wheel drive or helicopter.

The staff at Whare Kea can recommend local Wanaka hunting operators.